Sunday, October 25, 2009

The "More to Come"

Hey everyone!

Ashley here… on a new laptop!! Woo hoo! I finally made the new mac pro purchase. And I am in love. Pretty little silver 13” with the black keys and the new snow leopard software… like I said… in love. And best part about it: I got in when I was back in New York this past week. We didn’t start shows here in Detroit until tonight (Thursday) and we ended shows in Sacramento on Sunday (matinee). So a bunch of us hopped on a jetblue red eye from Sac to NY Sunday night. It was so nice to come back. Got to meet my new sublet (she’s amazing…such a blessing), got to see Micah’s show he choreographed (SOOO proud of you Micah!), ran some errands, and saw my FRIENDS!!!! It was so good to see people. Tour is hard sometimes when you are trapped in your little bubble. So it was so nice to remind myself that I have a life outside of work.

Not going to lie… it was hard to leave again. Bobby and I used to watch tv and have computer time every night together. Just nice quiet time in the same room. Right away… we went back to our old habits and it was just so wonderful… hooked. So it was hard to leave but I also feel refreshed and ready to learn the rest of my tracks. 4 learned… 4 to go.

Just a little update with the show: I have been on for 3 tracks now!
It’s been 3 weeks now where I have been “performance ready” (gone for 5 weeks total) and I have been on 15 times: 11 shows as Stenographer, 2 as DA Joyce Riley, and 2 as Kate/Chutney. I was very hesitant about being a swing… but it is actually exciting. Plus, this show is such a fun one to swing because you get to actually play different ROLES. It’s like not 3rd Delta Nu from the left… everyone has at least one feature. So it’s a nice stretch and I am learning SOOO much already.

Now we are ending the 2nd week of Detroit... 1 more to go. It’s Becky’s (Elle) vacation so Kathleen made her debut as Elle! Yay! Then when Becky comes back, it will begin the year 2 arrangement where Becky goes on for 6 shows and Kathleen goes on for 2. Exciting update from Sacramento: Rhiannon got to go on as Elle for the first time and nailed it! So fun to see her up there!! So I am now the only Elle cover left to have an opening night. Looks like I will start learning Elle next week. I only have Enid and Elle left to learn. ALMOST THERE! ☺ Then I can breathe and have some real fun.

That's the update for now : )

Miss you all… sending big hugs!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just some pics...

More of an update to come but for now......Some pictures!!!!

Rhiannon (Margot) and I (on for Kate) in our Greek Delta Nu Costumes
Rhiannon (Margot) and I (on for the Stenographer) as Greek Delta Nus

Kathleen (Stenographer) and I (on for Kate) before curtain goes up

Sara Shep (Kate) and I (on for Stenographer) in Delta Nus

Day before Kathleen's debut as Stenographer! I went on in her track.

Thats all for now... more to come!
Snaps and Love