Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Hey November... there you are!!

So the summer clothes are shipped home and we have now entered winter.
Hello from Worcester, Mass!!
From 90 degree weather to 40… oh dear. Fingers crossed everyone stays healthy this week since we are going through such rapid changes.

Ft. Lauderdale was absolutely incredible! We were there for 2 weeks and 2 days (came in on a Sunday night and left on a Tuesday) so we were able to have 3 full days off (Mondays) in beautiful weather. AMAZING!! The first one consisted of getting familiar with Ft Lauderdale, enjoying the Embassy Suites pool, and relaxing. The third day off was when Bobby (my New York roommate) was here!!! So Bobby, Alex, Candice, and I went to Miami and spent the day there. Absolutely stunning and so so much fun! Then the third day off was errands day with a touch of Twilight… as in seeing New Moon (my new guilty pleasure). During the rest of our stay (when we weren’t in rehearsal or shows) we enjoyed time at the Ft Lauderdale beach. What a fun place to be!! Not only was the water warm (couldn’t get me out of the water) and the sun was out, but there was a fun strip of restaurants and beach wear stores. So we were able to spend long days there. There was also a great street called Las Olas near the theatre. So if we were stuck in rehearsal all day… there was a fun place to escape to during the breaks. Ft. Lauderdale was also a city of visitors!! Like I mentioned earlier, BOBBY CAME for a whole week!!! It was so nice to have him here. I have not stopped learning things and going since High School Musical with Theatre of the Stars. Having him here grounded me a bit and I was able to relax for the first time in awhile. We were mistaken as honeymooners a couple times… I was all about playing along… Bobby not so much. But he eased into it and pretty soon called me his sugarmama…. Duh! ;-) Miss him already. And then I had another surprise… My Aunt Suzy!! Turns out she was in Miami for business so she drove out to see me and her friend! We spent the day on Las Olas and then she and her friend came and saw the show! So fun! I felt so spoiled!

In also exciting news… LAURA D’ANDRE (one of my besties from college) BOOKED RIZZO IN THE GREASE NATIONAL TOUR!!! Yayyyyy!! What was really neat was the fact that they were in West Palm Beach.. only 45 minutes away. So not only did I get to see Bobby and my Aunt… I got to see Laura!! Unfortunately, she was not in the show yet… still in rehearsals and makes her debut on Dec 1st (can you tell I am so stoked for her). BUT a bunch of us Legally Blonders went and saw the show when we had the daytime off and then they came and saw our show Sunday night (I was on as Mom). So it was really neat to see what Laura gets to be apart of and she got to see what I’ve been up to. She is going to knock the role out of the ballpark. So if Grease comes to a city near you… go cheer her on!! We also had a Legally Blonde and Grease bowling night after our shows. We met at a bowling alley in the middle of our two locations, met the cast, played a couple rounds, and had so much fun! All my worlds were colliding that night… kind of surreal. Laura my bestie from college, Bobby my bestie from High School Musical, and my LB cast… again… felt so spoiled! It was such a fun night! I love my friends!

And even though it will be cold, I get to be spoiled this week and have Thanksgiving dinner with my dear friend Micah and his family!! They live in Boston, which isn’t too far from Worcester, so it will be so so nice to have Thanksgiving with them. I cannot wait!

As far as the show… 2 people left this past week: Nathan our company manager and the talented Sara Sheperd who played Kate/Chutney. Nathan is leaving us for the broadway and Shep will be Fanny Brice in Funny Girl in Chicago!! Both very good excuses to leave so we are thrilled for them--even though we were sad to lose them. But we have two new members of the LB family and we are really excited to have them aboard! Actually… the new Kate/Chutney was the original swing (as in my track!!) And she is so cool! So yay new people!! But we will miss the old!

As for me… Elle is the only thing I have left to learn completely. I have learned all her music and almost all lines and choreography… just need my blocking. Enid and Serena are done… I have gone on for 4 out of the 5 ensemble tracks and will get to do the 5th one (the judge) next week!! So by the layoff… I should have all ensemble girls done!! Finally!! By the layoff it’ll be my halfway mark in my contract too. CRAZY! Time is flying on by! Definitely looking forward to the layoff with my family and a quick trip to NY!! Just 3 more weeks : )

Whoa that’s a long update! Hope everyone has a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving. It’ll be my first Thanksgiving away from home… weird. Growing up….weird. ☺ But so thankful for the experiences and the people around me this holiday season. Sending lots and lots of love and happy wishes.

We had a dresser a couple weeks ago who would say “shine on” instead of break legs or good wishes… thought that was pretty sweet. So..

Shine on ya’ll,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

summer in November

Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!!! Weird to be in 80 degree weather in November… but here we are! We just got finished with doing a week run in Melbourne, FL where we had ocean view rooms right on the beach. It was absolutely stunning. Rhiannon (my roommate) and I slept every night with the doors open to listen to the waves. After the shows we would go to the hot tub under the stars and we would get up in the morning to run on the beach or lay out for a bit. One day we decided it would be a good idea to go in the water. Well… lets just say I got in a fight with a wave and the wave won. I hit my chin on the round really hard and ended up with a bleeding battle wound : ) but not too dramatic… didn’t need stitches thank goodness… but boy did it knock the wind out of me. Florida waves are no joke!!

As far as the show… I had my Mom debut this week!! So much fun and definitely the hardest track in the show… so I am so happy to knock that one down. So only 1 more ensemble track to go on for. I have now learned 7 out of 8 tracks… the only one left is Elle!! So we are starting next week!

I’ve been keeping really busy. A lot of people are taking vacations right now so I am going on almost every night. When I am not on, I have been watching the show and trailing the principals I cover. Busy busy busy. But I absolutely love it. I LOVE this show, LOVE these people, LOVE my job! Being a swing is definitely a tough challenge… and I am not so sure if I ever want to do it again. BUT this is a really fun show to swing. There are so many different characters I get to play.. which makes it fresh, new, and fun. And I just love the cast so much. Everyone is so wonderful.

So now we go to Ft Lauderdale for 2 weeks at the Embassy Suites aka free breakfast in the morning and free happy hour!! Love me some Embassy Suites! : ) Then we are in Worcester during Thanksgiving. Just 5 weeks until Christmas layoff (I'll be in NY Dec 14-17 then going home for a California coast trip with family until the 28th)!! Time is just flying by here… it’s already been 2 months!! Crazy crazy!

That’s all the update for now! Love you all and miss you!!
Sending BIG hugs!