Saturday, August 14, 2010

As one door closes...another one opens.

Hello my friends!

Happy August! Cannot believe how fast time keeps flying by. Here we are, the last week of Legally Blonde… night before closing. And it’s really cool that we are ending it in Vienna, VA… the place where I was doing High School Musical when auditioning for the show AND when I started this blog. Kinda neat to do a full circle. Makes me want to read this whole thing over from the beginning... but I probably won't. haha. Maybe someday. : )

Toronto brought us Legally Blonders lots of excitement and fun! Had some great audiences, visitors, day trips, saw Toronto cast of Jersey Boys, saw Toronto cast of Rock of Ages, and had some good good times with each other. My good friend Heather came and visited!! And my other good friend, Quinn, is in Jersey Boys there... so both of them got to come see me go on as Elle during our first week there!! Then Heather and I got to see Quinn shine as Bob Gaudio!!

I got really lucky because my dad had a business trip during our final week, so he and my brother came to visit to see me on as Elle and Margot. Then while dad worked all day, Spencer (my bro) and I got to play! We went to Niagara Falls, Toronto Islands, and then got to meet up with dad to go out at night. So so happy to have had them there!

As mentioned before, I got to play Elle again!!! Unless someone calls out tomorrow (highly unlikely)... I was honored to go on as Elle for my very last show ever. Absolutely surreal and a dream come true. My amazing dresser, Claire, helped me take some pictures of the Elle costumes before the show and during intermission since we don;t have time to take them during the quick changes (that would be a little rough haha).

And I made my Margot debut!

The ladies of LB enjoyed a lovely High Tea (here's all of us dressed all fancy...good looking group!)

AND a bunch of us went and saw the Lady Gaga concert. Kyle, Sara, and Sara were FULL OUT!

In other big news… right when I move into my new apartment in New York and think I am finally settling down… I find out I’m going on the road again. This time I only have to learn 2 tracks (instead of the 9 in Legally Blonde)!! I am thrilled to announce that I have been cast as an Ensemble member/ Judy understudy in the First National Tour of 9 to 5 the Musical!! Original Cast!!

Although I was looking forward to living in the city, I am thrilled to be a part of this show. Check the 9 to 5 website for details on tickets and tour dates!

That’s the update for now. Stay tuned for a heart felt Legally Blonde goodbye : (

Shine on!