Monday, September 28, 2009

A Swing's Tale

What a week it has been. We were in Tempe, Arizona and it was officially my first week of being on “Swing duty.” I wasn’t actually scheduled to go on until Sunday matinee… but boy was I in for a surprise. So to start my not-so-little update… first let me break down the tracks I am in charge of to make this story a little less confusing.
My principals:

Elle: I have learned the music only. Our Elle on tour is now officially a 6 show Elle (meaning she goes on for 6 out of 8 shows a week). The other understudy (Kathleen Monteleone who was on Grease You’re the One that I want) is the 2 show Ellle… so she will be going on as Elle every Sunday. When she goes on for Elle, I will go on for her ensemble track which is called the “Cat Lady/Stenographer Track.” (NOTE: Kathleen is taking over for Lauren Ashley Zakrin who was on the Search for Elle Woods reality show… Lauren’s last week was here in Tempe so she went on for Elle on Sunday as her last 2 shows since Kathleen wasn’t scheduled to start until Sacramento)

Serena: One of Elle’s best friends… the brunette cheerleader. I am starting to learn this track on Wednesday of this coming week!

Enid: A Harvard law student… will probably learn this in the next couple weeks.

Then as far as ensemble… there are 5 different tracks:
1. Cat Lady/Stenographer
2. DA Joyce Riley
3. Elle’s Mom/Whitney
4. Judge/Sales Lady
5. Kate/Chutney

Because of the 6 show/2 show Elle thing… I was scheduled to go on for the Cat Lady/Stenographer first for the Sunday shows when Lauren was on for Elle. So for the 2 weeks we were in Costa Mesa, I was learning the Cat lady/Stenog track. Well… come Wednesday… I find out that one of our principals was out for the rest of the month on vocal rest. Long story short: the other swing had to go for that lead, the girl who plays DA Joyce Riley had to go on for a different principal that was out, and I was on as DA Joyce Riley. So I had a 2 hour rehearsal where I learned the DA track… had a quick 30 minute put in with the cast and BOOM… I’m on stage. It went surprisingly well… didn’t injure anyone or myself. Haha. And for the first time ever… I literally had to write my lines on my hand because there was no way I was going to memorize them after the 2 hr rehearsal. Mainly because the lines are all very similar. Haha. For instance: “will you please clarify for the court…” “will you please explain to the court…” “will you please tell the court…” ya there was no way. So I wrote key words to help my poor little brain out. I do have to say… I have some amazing coworkers. The entire cast was so supportive and wonderful. Being thrown in so quickly, I honestly could not have done it without them. They were all checking up on me and ready to answer any questions I had before we went on stage. They were fabulous… so thanks guys! You’re the best : )

So I survived my first show on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I had a put in for the cat lady/stenographer track. Then was surprised again and went on as DA Joyce Riley on Saturday night… then FINALLY went on AS SCHEDULED as cat lady/stenographer both shows on Sunday. Update on jump rope number in the show… the first time I went on… I was a hot mess. Didn’t hurt anyone or lose my rope, but I was getting tangled and well… it just was not working out. BUT Saturday and both shows on Sunday… I was a jump rope champ! Did not mess up at all! I finished the number and jumped up and down : ) Big accomplishment! Haha.

No time to do any sight seeing in Tempe, but there was great shopping! : ) And we lived in an amazing hotel right off the main street (Mill St. for any of you who have been to Tempe). Nice weather, good food, good people, good shows, good week! : )

Now we are here in Sacramento, CA for 2 weeks. My home state’s capitol! Because of emergency rehearsals and rescheduling, Kathleen has not been able to learn her full ensemble track yet and her Elle costumes are not ready for her to go on as Elle… so I will be doing the cat lady/stenographer track all week and Lauren is coming back on Sunday to do Elle. So if you’re near Sacramento… I’m on all week… so come check us out : ) I’m also looking forward to seeing my mom and sister for a visit!! And hopefully catching up with some friends from the past and other family members who live nearby!! All the while praying and knocking on wood that everyone stays healthy and unharmed since both female swings are already scheduled to go on all week. Send good thoughts and vibes to the legally blonde cast : )

Miss everyone so much! Please keep me updated with everything that’s going on at home and in your lives! I love email updates!
Sending lots and lots of love to you all

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting WHIPPED into Shape... literally

Hey ya'll!!!

So things are a little crazy but a lot of people are emailing/texting reminding me to update my blog haha. So here's a quickie... AHHHH Legally Blonde is overwhelming! But SOOO much fun! So it's official I am a swing (which means covering 5 ensemble girls...all have features) and understudy Elle, Serena, and Enid. Lots and lots to learn but taking it one track at a time! Or atleast trying to... my mind likes to wander while watching the show and being in rehearsal to another track or what I am going to eat after I stop jump roping. haha. (which by the way...SO HARD... I have jump rope marks all over my body!!) But we are a week and a half in and I have one track almost done... then onto the next. Luckily most of the choreo is the same... just traffic patterns and some choreography is reversed. Then the additional lines and such... but dats eet. Then onto the principals... haha... so basically my brain will be taking in lots of info the next couple months. But the cast is so helpful and welcoming. It's really nice. I haven't been able to spend much time with people but that'll change very soon. All work no play for now. : )

I feel very blessed to start in Costa Mesa because I have gotten the chance to see some of my college friends! Mo, Perry, Hannah, and Tessa have been VERY generous and opened their homes to me. Can't thank you enough!!! I was also able to spend a few days home... then getting a hotel room on Saturday and Sunday so my parents can come down and spend the weekend with me before I leave on Monday. Tempe is our next stop and the official start of my performance weeks. In other words... I COULD be on on Tuesday... aka lots of homework come Monday. But I am also knocking on wood a million bagillion times. I am scheduled to go on for one track on next Sunday so that is what I am counting on to be my opening night!

I was able to find a sublet! yay!!! I do miss my NY people lots and lots!!! But I am excited to tour again... Trying to get prepared for the next cities... anyone know anything fun to do or see in Tempe? Sacramento? Detroit? Melbourne? Ft Lauderdale? (Those are our cities coming up).

Anyways gotta go trail a track : )
Sending lots of love
Miss you all!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

On the road again...

So life as a performer is always changing... and indeed it has. While doing HSM, I got a call from Telsey to come audition for Legally Blonde as an Elle cover and swing for other principal/featured female roles. I was in Wolftrap (near Washington DC) so I took a train in on my day off to go audition (this is Tuesday). Then as I was boarding the train to go back to DC, Justin called me for a callback the following day (Wednesday). I had rehearsal and a show so I couldn't make the callbacks... but he scheduled a callback for me on Thursday (today). So I took a 12am bus after the Wed show, had a dance call at 1130pm in NY, jumped on a train for DC at 1235, then got a call that I booked it at 1pm!! CRAZY couple days... but I am finally back in DC and getting ready to do the show tonight. So looks like I am graduating from high school and going to law school starting Monday in Costa Mesa!!!! I am a swing who covers Elle, Serena, and Enid and I get to rehearse near home!! I get back from HSM on Monday morning and will be flying out that night to LA. Insane but I am really excited! Check out the website: for our schedule and whereabouts! This time around... I would love to see more people while touring!

As far as HSM… it is going really well and we are continuing to have a wonderful time! The audiences here in Wolftrap are fantastic. It’s a massive outdoor theatre that fits around 7000 people. Were definitely not sold out (haha) but our crowds have been loud and so much fun! Screaming girls… there is no sound like it. Theatre of the Stars have been treating us really well too. They fed us quite a feast between rehearsal and show tomorrow. They are also giving us some souvenirs… INCLUDING a East High Drama Club T-Shirt! Holler!! : ) And Sharpay has just been such a fun role to play. She’s a hoot! Plus playing opposite Bobby never gets boring. I wish I could put him in my suitcase and bring him with me on LB. But I’m not gonna go there yet cuz then I’ll be sad. Haha. I have made some incredible friends (new and old) in this production and I feel so so blessed to be working with them. Long lasting friendships up ahead for sure.

Speaking about friends… I just got off the phone with the amazing Mazie Wilson and I just have to thank her and everyone else for their support the past couple months. Without my family (love you mom and dad), Bobby, and friends like Mazie… I don’t think I would have stayed in New York much longer. Looking over blogs before and some of my journal entries, I really had some tough times. But they encouraged me to trust in God and myself and hang in there. So thank you to you all. Much love!!! : )

Lastly... if anyone knows anyone looking for a NY sublet... please send them my way : ) I found someone for the first couple weeks but need someone starting October 1st. Just toss me an email : )

Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses!!
Miss you and hopefully will see you soon!