Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming to the end of HSM... for the second time??...

Hey hey hey from Vienna, Virginia (aka Wolftrap… a National Park for the Performing Arts)! We had a great week of 8 shows last week and now we have only 7 more! So sad… we really are having a blast on this tour! I don’t know if it’s because we know we have a closing (haha) but everyone has really enjoyed doing the show. The cast is so enjoyable and I feel so blessed to work with such great people and meet some great new friends! There wasn’t a lot to do in Grand Rapids, but it was pretty refreshing. The hotel was gorgeous and had everything you could possibly need (The Amway Grand Hotel). One of the highlights of the week was our Ms. Darbus (Kristi Ambrosetti) knew people who lived nearby and they invited Kristi, Bobby, Emilee, and I for a lovely HOME COOKED dinner. We were SO spoiled as we ate our incredible meal and looked out over the lake they lived on. What a blessing and EXACTLY what we needed after a hectic couple weeks of rehearsals and shows. After the visit with Kristi’s friends, we met up with the rest of the gang at TGI Fridays for Olivia’s bday celebration. Yay bdays (We have 3 just within the 3 week process).

After a long day of flights getting delayed, we are finally in Wolftrap and hoping for an even better week than the last. I will be really sad to be done with the show but very excited to go home!! Counting down the days: 10 more days!!! Yay!

And that’s the update for now. Here’s another article that was released today about the show for wolftrap:

Hope life is beautiful for you all!
Sending lots of hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Opening Night...

We finally opened! After only 11 days of rehearsal (8 in studio, 3 of tech)... we are finally in shows! 1 down 7 to go in Grand Rapids and 8 shows in Wolftrap! Here is a link to some pictures and our first review!

More to come later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time is a travelin'

In Grand Rapids, Michigan… 2nd day of Tech aka 10 out of 12 hour days (12 hr rehearsal with 2 hr break in between 5 hour sessions). We are really flying with this show… flyyyiinnggg!! We rehearsed for 8 days and put the show together (minus the last number… which we will be doing today). Yesterday was first day of tech and we have today and tomorrow… then POOF we open! It’s been a little intense, but like I said before we are having a lot of fun. Not too shabby for a day of work. I tried on my wig yesterday and gave everyone a big surprise. It wasn’t styled at all, so I was giving you 80s hairstyle… the cast was in tears when I came out. Lightened up the mood and had a good laugh. Then I gave the wig back to the sweet wig lady and am keeping my fingers crossed for a contemporary cute hairdo. Pictures to come… when it’s ready to be shown ☺. But the hair color looks good… they got me a dark blonde wig (thank goodness) because platinum doesn’t really go with my skin coloring. It has some low lights and stuff… so eyebrows will only be slightly lightened.

I just started reading Time Travelers Wife after seeing the movie. I know I should have read before the movie but Bobby told me that it’s kind of different so not too much spoiling. The movie is getting mixed reviews, but I really loved it. I had a good cry (in a good way). Another obsession of mine is Tracy Anderson! It’s no news to people that I have been trying to take off that tour weight for quite some time now. I bought Tracy Anderson videos when I saw her on Oprah, but I never got the chance to really do them. When I was living in Corona del Mar in college, I was doing the tapes and my neighbor who lived below me came to my door and said I was making too much noise jumping around. Haha. So I had to put the videos to rest. But I got to bring them back and I am LOVING them! I got a trainer a little bit ago, but have been kind of getting more muscular than I would have liked. So I started doing Tracy and am seeing some more results. Her concept is muscle exhaustion and aims for a tiny dancer body. She has a cardio video that incorporates dance and a mat workout that requires only a chair and 3 pound weights. And it’s a lot of fun… but it is hard to do them when you have a roommate haha. Poor Bobby walks in our apartment and knows if I did my tape because it feels like a bikram yoga studio (ew). But it’s fun and I definitely recommend it. Come to think of it… I have a break in the show so I’m going to do her mat work out right now : )

That’s all the update for today.
Sending some love!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It took some time... but I'm back : )

It’s been quite some time since an update… I know I need to be more on this blog thing. Oh I was doing so well… but then I went through 3 part time jobs in a month (I just couldn’t find one that paid well or had enough hours), took a fabulous audition class, and kept myself busy with New York to dos and life lessons.

Well… after 5 months and 3 days since moving to the big NY, I now find myself out of the city in Grand Rapids, Michigan in another tour production of High School Musical. Atlanta Theatre of the Stars (TOTS) launched a 2 week mini tour to Grand Rapids and Wolftrap, Virginia. A lot of the same cast is involved, but most of us are playing different roles. This time around I am Sharpay opposite my roomie, Bobby, as Ryan. The show was put up in 8 days… CRAZY! I had never done something like that, but since it was with so many fun people, it was not really stressful. Just a nice little reunion! So if you know anyone in the areas we are performing… send them our way! : )

The same week I received the call about Sharpay, Radio City FINALLY called me! I booked a singer track in the Christmas Show at the New York Radio City Music Hall. Christmas in New York this year!! Shows run Nov 17 to Dec 30 (possible extension to Jan 3). So if you find yourself in NY during the holidays, come check us out!!

Now lets escape the world of theatre for a bit. I can’t believe how much I have learned in the past 5 months. Went through SO many ups and downs…. But “what doesn’t kill you, makes your stronger.” May be cliché… but soooo true. After some struggling and soul searching, I finally feel like I actually know what I want and who I am and am proud to fight for that. I have always been the type who worries about the future. Living here, I am learning how that only makes you crazy. : ) I have my goals that drive my “future,” but living in the moment is something I am really trying to do. Haha. TRYING is the key word! But I just have to make a little shout out to Bobby (hashe’s the one who reminded me to do a blog update teehee) and thank him for everything. He has been very patient with me and things that have happened. And through it all, he has been the most amazing friend, partner in crime, hero, and confidant. Love you, B!!

One of the hardest things about NY is being SO far away from my family. I am so grateful for my NY community of friends and loved ones, but it is time to go home for a bit. So in between shows I am taking a long vacay home! Sept 10-28 if anyone wants to get together. I am so excited!!

Well that’s all for now…
Until next time
Love to all!!