Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Painting walls instead of eggs

I'm finally getting settled and things are coming together in the apartment! yay! Ian and I had a wonderful Easter. We went to a charming church on the East Side with friends from college, had brunch with them at Blue Fin (in Times Square), and then went home to paint my walls!! How very festive of us...painting walls instead of eggs. : ) Feels much more like home now after adding some little touches here and there. And I am so so lucky to have such a helpful and handy boyfriend. He has really helped a lot...especially with carrying the heavy things up 5 flights of stairs. : )

I've been seeing a ton of shows here which has been very inspiring and helped keep my eye on the prize. So far we've seen 3 plays: Reasons to be Pretty, August Osage County, and The Philanthropist (with Matthew Broderick). I have never been in love with straight plays but that has definitely changed. All three were absolutely brilliant! We saw an off-bway musical called Rooms tonight which was a funny, touching, entertaining rock musical. And as far as musicals... I have not been let down at all. I've seen South Pacific, Shrek, Little Mermaid, West Side Story, and were seeing Next to Normal on Sunday. Hopefully we will see 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton's new musical) tomorrow, but we have to general rush it so we shall see.

I started taking a class with a casting director from Telsey (one of the big casting directors here in NY) that is a 4 week course where we work on good audition songs and cuts. We had our first class the other night and she is AWESOME! I'm also starting with a new vocal coach tomorrow to work on some material. Just trying to get "a package" together. : ) And you can never stop training! Auditions have been slow, but there are a few at the end of this week so we shall see what happens.

I interviewed for 2 "in the meantime" jobs today and have a callback/2nd interview with both. One is for a company called Little Maestros where we sing and teach toddlers about music, letters, numbers, high fives, and more! It's absolutely adorable!! I auditioned for them and then stayed to watch the classes. They are 45 minutes and like a live Sesame Street type thing (but more hip and not puppets the whole time). I go back on Monday for a callback! Then I also interviewed for a private gym that is only a few avenues away from my house. They have an opening for a front desk position in the evenings which includes a free gym membership! LOVELY! And they are really nice about the fact that I have auditions and so they will be scheduling me for later in the day so they won't conflict. I go back for a 2nd interview on Friday. It'll be nice to just have something to do and not see that savings account go down anymore. : )

Other than all those things, Ian leaves Monday morning (tear) so we're trying to get as many shows in as we can. If you're in NY, he will be in a show (along with the other UCI students on the NY program) on Saturday at the York Theatre. I'm excited to see him in that!! And then Sunday morning is the Walk for MS! And that's a little update on thangs! : )

Hope you are all doing well!
I miss Cali a lot (especially the people and WEATHER!!) : )
But I do love it here a lot.
Cheers!! XOXO

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walk for MS and AIDS Walk info

Hi Friends and Family!!

So if you would like to donate to the Walk for MS follow this link:

And if you'd like to donate to AIDS Walk follow this link:

I know it's a lot to ask during the recession, but no donation is too small. Anything you can spare would be extremely helpful. And it's tax deductible! WONDERFUL! : ) Please do not feel obligated, but any donation would be very appreciated.

If you live in NY and are interested in walking with me, SIGN UP!!! : )
Walk for MS:
AIDS Walk:

If you don't live in NY, there are some great walks all over the nation (esp you San Fran, Orange County, and LA people). So please take the time to research which walks are coming up in your area and get involved!!!

Thank you all for your support!
God Bless,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is type?

So moving to a new place is pretty scary and exciting at the same time. No matter your career, hopes, dreams, job, yadda yadda, you get the ability to reestablish yourself. That's great!!... except when it comes to being an actor. Growing up in the same area (SoCal) all my life has definitely helped me with networking in LA and Orange County... but it's a whole different ball game here. You have to go in ready to present a package and hope that is what casting is looking for. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to play so many DIFFERENT roles at UCI and in the LA circuit, but now I have a hard time putting together "my package." I have played the comic relief to the sweet ingenue, the belter to soprano, the Puerto Rican to Blonde, and the woman to the teen. So when staring at my resume... WHAT THE HECK AM I!?!? Everyone has their own opinions and observations. With that being said, I have already found it very interesting auditioning for people who have never seen me before. Is this making sense? I could be rambling but I'll get to the point of this all. I have only been here for 3 weeks, so it's not a big deal (I'm not freaking out haha) but I have had two events where I have been so confused. I got typed out of Bye Bye Birdie because I was too old looking and then I got a callback for Mimi in Rent. huh? haha. I may not be totally clear on my type... but that's pretty funny. BBB was going for real 15 year olds and I totally understand that but Mimi?? It's just so funny when you go into an audition and the one role you would never think you'd be... that's the role the pick you for. Callback went fine, but I think they knew I wasn't the right type when I walked in. haha. It happens. : ) So basically... right now I am trying to figure out what my "type" is. But maybe I don't even need one... haha... who knows... or I could have a bunch.

I guess I just need to be patient with all this stuff. I have always been that type A person who wanted something yesterday instead of just trusting in God. So I'm trying : ) I have an audition for a job next Wednesday for a company called Little Maestros where I get to sing to little children. So fingers crossed for that. Also, looks like I have found a church and a prayer group that is just for actors! yay! So that'll be nice and healing. Speaking about healing, I registered for the MS walk on April 19th and the Aids Walk on May 17th here in NY. I'll post up how you can make donations to the cause soon. I just need to get some more info. I just thought it would be a great way to give back, support a good cause, and something that is emotionally and physically healing. It's very humbling to walk around these streets and see so many people in need of rescue and help. So that is going to be one of my focuses as I continue to audition: give back to others.

So that's the update. Got to go clean my tiny cute apartment.
Love and miss you all
God Bless

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's been a little cray-cray!!

I am so sorry it's been so long. I have received many emails, texts, phone calls, etc and have yet to have time to catch up and return all the messages. So I have 2 hours to do that today : ) (or as much as I can).

So I am finally in my apartment and trying to get settled!! weeeee! It's a tiny little place and because the roommates did not cook prior to me moving in... I have had to get some new appliances and make it more like home! But I figure the appliances will help me save $$$ for food. I have been eating out so much because I couldn't cook... just a waste of money! I mean $10 for a salad! Thats insane!!! So I make my own salad now...shoot... : ) The fridge is still not working though... so I have to do a lot of canned soups or buy produce and use it the day of. Luckily the Trader Joes is an easy 12 minute walk (to be exact) and a supermarket is a block away. AMAZING LOCATION!!!!

Besides the apartment, I have been to 4 auditions so far and have one tonight. Out of 4, I have had 3 callbacks so that has been nice. The audition scene is SO DIFFERENT than LA, especially because I don't know a lot of people. In LA, you get so used to seeing the same familiar faces but I don't really know the ones here yet. But I am meeting some because of tourmates introducing me or because we start talking while waiting to go in the audition room. There's also a lot of people here compared to LA. In LA, I have only been to 1 typing audition (where they only ask you to sing if they think you have the right look for the show). In NY, I have been to 2: Legally Blonde (got typed in) and Bye Bye Birdie is tonight (so we shall see) Supposably they are only keeping 15 year olds... so I am wearing a sports bra and no make up. I tried on my audition outfit (which consists of a 50s style dress, keds, bobbi socks, and a hair tie) and Ian was creeped out that I looked so young. So hopefully casting will think so too.

I also just signed up for a class with one the top casting directors here in NY. It cost a pretty penny, but she casts a lot of shows I would love to be seen for... so I figured it was well worth it (Wicked, Legally Blonde, Spiderman, South Pacific, In the Heights, and many more). Since I am getting free dance classes with UCI out here, it was about time I paid for a class : )

My birthday was two days ago. It consisted of 2 auditions, 2 callbacks, and going to the container store. woo hoo! BUT then Ian took me out to an amazing dinner at the Palms and then he and my friend Anthony put togther a little shin dig at a cute bar called Divine. Many thanks to those who helped celebrate the day with me. It was so nice to have my friends from college and tour come out, meet eachother, and help me ring in the big 22nd year. I feel very blessed to have an incredible New York "community" and look forward to more adventures. 22 is my lucky number... so I'm thinking this will be a lucky year. : )

That's pretty much the update... we shall see what happens. As for now... just getting paint swatches and putting the apartment together. One day at a time.

Now time to write some thank you cards, facebook messages, emails, and phone calls.
Love to all!!