Monday, May 11, 2009

I Wanna Be a Rockette!! you heard me!! I could!! With my long legs and okay... that killed it right there. I am def not in the running to be a rockette. BUT for a little update: I am in the running for the Radio City Show as a singer track. I guess there are 2 different shows: The New York/Tour is one type and the Sit down shows in Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, etc is a different show. So I auditioned last week, got called to dance, and then they asked me to come back to the New York/Tour show callback. When I showed up, there was only 8 girls there and 4 had already done the show. We all sang, moved, sang again, and then sang again. Then we were measured and given a notice that we are in the final callbacks and will hear by August 1st. If we don't hear from them, then we are on the alternate list. So who knows... they still have to go to LA and Chicago, but it was exciting. What a fun gig! Especially if I were to stay in NY!! But ya know... it's in God's hands. It'll work out the way it's supposed to!

I definitely needed something like that to happen. That first couple months in NY slump was getting ahold of me. BUT I've been praying a lot and really trying to get myself up and out of the funk. I have been waiting for some agents to bite also, so that was getting me down. I came here with an agent who is bicoastal (and awesome) from LA, but the NY office got hit hard by the economy and was not taking a lot of new clients. So since I am new to the area, they haven't been submitting me. So I sent a few headshots and resumes to some agents that I am interested in and have a interview with one on Wednesday! So fingers crossed... I really liked one agent I have already met with and am looking forward to meeting the other.

Dad also helped me get outta a little funk. He came for biz last week and on Friday, we rented a car and had a little road trip to the Hamptons!! Talk about an incredible adventure. He took better pictures than I did so I will try to hunt some down and post them, but Oh Goodness! No wonder why people have a second home out there.... it truly is the most beautiful and quiet get-away. We came during the perfect time too (just before peak season). It was so gorgeous, beautiful weather, not nice enough to go to the beach, but we had 2 days to see everything. We saw the light house in Montauk, the gorgeous HUGE homes on Further Lane, Southampton, Bridge Hampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, and everything in between. Charming Town after charming town. I felt so at peace there and it was so nice to spend time with my dad. I think he needed a place to slow down too. Here's some pictures I got with my iPhone... more to come.

Ian is here this weekend for auditions! I feel bad because we have very opposite schedules. For instance, he is at an audition this morning and I have one in the afternoon. Then I have work tonight and I had to work yesterday. Tomorrow I have an audition in the morn and he has an audition in the afternoon. So he's here (YAY), but we don't get to spend much time together (NAY). It's so funny how many visitors I have had! I feel very blessed : ) And then I get to go home and walk for graduation in June! So I'll be home June 6 to 14. Yay!

Apartment is good... except Bobby and I are dieing without television!
But it's ok!! We have books.... and a slow internet where we can watch shows in cut time. Literally in cu.............t Ya it sucks. BUT I am reading a fantastic book right now!! Laugh out loud hysterical... Miss Kristin Chenoweth's bio
It helps pass the time away at work and without TV. I reccomend it to everyone. She is an incredible woman... had no idea she was adopted and suffers from verdigo spells. It is a must read!!

Actually... I think I am going to go read now : ) And then catch up on some phone calls and emails.
Love to all and miss you dearly!!

P.S. HAPPY DAY AFTER MOTHER'S DAY!!! Mom, I love you more than you know. It may be cliche, but there really isn't a better mother than you. And that's the gosh darn truth!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Officially a New Yorker... well kinda...

Been quite some time since the last update cuz so much has happened!!!

1. THE WALK!! What a wonderful day it was to walk for MS. It was a very inspirational event that I feel very blessed to have been apart of. Ian and I walked 6 miles around Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. It was a GORGEOUS day out and all the people were incredible. Here's some pictures of us sitting on a bench for a photo break... acting like children (as usual):

2. MY JOB!! So I got a job at a fitness club right next to my apartment. Free gym! yay! And some cool people. One of the managers call me "California" and says I must be insane for leaving. I do have to say I miss Cali. It's much prettier there, but I do like NY too of course. It is hard to remember names and the phone systems are a little cray-cray. But it all is worth it when I get to take those pilates and yoga classes : ) And I am meeting some great people: co-workers and members. Whenever I have to ask members or guests for their IDs, I get really excited when someone pulls out a California license. It's like that feeling when you have a friend show up at a party where you know no one. haha. CALIFORNIA!!! WE'RE LIKE FAMILY! So yes those 8 hour shifts get long sometimes but the people are getting me through it : ) And ooo theres a pool too!! Good for those summer days coming up! Plus it's on the Hudson River so pretty view.

3. Ian left : ( and it was a very sad day. Thank goodness fo Skype so we can see eachother : ) But it's no fun being seperated after all the fun we've had the past 6 months. I miss him... BUT my mom came and rescued me 2 days after he left!! Which leads me to...

4. MOM CAME! We had such a beautiful time together. Saw 3 shows (Shrek, In the Heights, and 9 to 5) which were incredible! And we were lucky lucky girls because we got the rush of 9 to 5 and won the lottery for both Shrek (mom won) and In the Heights (I won). Then we had incredible girl time where we shop shop shopped till our feet could shop no more (throbbing). We had some great meals out, cooked some great meals, and just played in the New York sun. I was so excited to show her around, take her to my new job, take her to my favorite places, and just have mommy and me time. It was perfect! (Thanks mom... I LOVE YOU)

5. Dad is coming next week too!! I'm so lucky to have so many visitors : ) He is here for business and then the weekend is play time for us both. We are thinking of going to the Hamptons...oooooo. But if not... maybe a trip to Chelsea Piers to do some rock climbing and other cool things. We shall see : )

6. My dear friend from tour (Bobby who played Ryan for those of you who saw the show) FINALLY moved in yesterday! And I FINALLY moved into my bedroom. I have been staying in the other room until the other roommate moved out and TADA! We are moved in!!! yay! So we're finally making this place our home sweet home. No cable right now... I don't know how people did it without TV. We won't last long... I think were getting desperate.

7. Auditions are going really well. I've gotten a bunch of callbacks here and there. It is funny though because I am beginning to feel like being short is a disease. I have had two casting agents say they love me and will be casting shorter people in upcoming projects so they will call me in for those. I just laugh. Atleast thats the one thing I can't really change about myself. God made me this way for a reason.... so shorter people roles here I come!! : )

and that's my shpeal.
miss you all and hope life is beautiful.
Stay away from swine... or whatever they are calling it these days.
Stay healthy and happy!!
All my love.