Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homeward Bound!

... remember that movie? I always cried when Sassy went down the waterfall.

Anyways... I'm going home right now! When in doubt, always take Virgin Airlines for flying. I am flying over New Mexico and online! Pretty neato. Since the last update... well I have lived the lush life... as in too much chocolate and wine lush. But when in Rome...or Hershey, PA?...

Sunday after the last show in Hershey, a bunch of us loaded a bus and got into NY at 2am. Our 2 week break had officially started! I spent 4 beautiful/wonderful/fabulous days in NY. I just love that city. Miss it and the people there so much. Had so much fun with visiting friends... including a night where we went ice-skating in Central Park! I also saw Ragtime (so fun to see some friends up there on the b'way), saw Princess and the Frog, and was so excited to have some catch up time with some dear dear friends.

Now onto Californ-I-A!! I get to see my family!! We are taking a trip up to Northern California and stopping in some fun places on the way (ie. San Francisco, Beach, etc). So excited to just "be" with everyone. No work... just play. Ok... maybe I'll work a little bit... but maybe not. : )

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
Sending so much love to everyone.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

just a quick update

Hello from Hershey, PA!! Looking forward to the city of chocolate… perfect for the holiday season! But even more excited for the fact that our break is in a week!! Get to go to New York for 4 days next Sunday and then California for 10 days!! Yay!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was really spoiled by the Shepard family. My friend Micah Shepard picked Nick (a fellow cast member) and I up in Worcester after our Wednesday show and took us to his parent’s house right outside of Boston. It was such a great holiday! We spent Wed and Thurs. night there and had a beautiful time. It was so nice being with a family for Thanksgiving. So special thanks to them, : )

After our short week in Worcester (we only had 6 shows because of Thanksgiving)… we were off to Wilmington, DE. Had never even heard about the city but fell in love with it when we got there. Mainly because of 2 hot spots that were close to our hotel: The Ale House (a great restaurant and bar) and Presto (a cute coffee shop with board games). The city itself was adorable too. We really adored it.

As for a show update: I finally have gone on for all the ensemble ladies!! I went on for track #5 (judge) in Wilmington!! AND I finish learning Elle this week. So I will be done with learning stuff by the break! FINALLY! And that’s about it… having a great time. I really adore this cast. And it’s such a fun show to be apart of. Happy Happy!

That’s all I got for now : )
Sending big hugs

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Hey November... there you are!!

So the summer clothes are shipped home and we have now entered winter.
Hello from Worcester, Mass!!
From 90 degree weather to 40… oh dear. Fingers crossed everyone stays healthy this week since we are going through such rapid changes.

Ft. Lauderdale was absolutely incredible! We were there for 2 weeks and 2 days (came in on a Sunday night and left on a Tuesday) so we were able to have 3 full days off (Mondays) in beautiful weather. AMAZING!! The first one consisted of getting familiar with Ft Lauderdale, enjoying the Embassy Suites pool, and relaxing. The third day off was when Bobby (my New York roommate) was here!!! So Bobby, Alex, Candice, and I went to Miami and spent the day there. Absolutely stunning and so so much fun! Then the third day off was errands day with a touch of Twilight… as in seeing New Moon (my new guilty pleasure). During the rest of our stay (when we weren’t in rehearsal or shows) we enjoyed time at the Ft Lauderdale beach. What a fun place to be!! Not only was the water warm (couldn’t get me out of the water) and the sun was out, but there was a fun strip of restaurants and beach wear stores. So we were able to spend long days there. There was also a great street called Las Olas near the theatre. So if we were stuck in rehearsal all day… there was a fun place to escape to during the breaks. Ft. Lauderdale was also a city of visitors!! Like I mentioned earlier, BOBBY CAME for a whole week!!! It was so nice to have him here. I have not stopped learning things and going since High School Musical with Theatre of the Stars. Having him here grounded me a bit and I was able to relax for the first time in awhile. We were mistaken as honeymooners a couple times… I was all about playing along… Bobby not so much. But he eased into it and pretty soon called me his sugarmama…. Duh! ;-) Miss him already. And then I had another surprise… My Aunt Suzy!! Turns out she was in Miami for business so she drove out to see me and her friend! We spent the day on Las Olas and then she and her friend came and saw the show! So fun! I felt so spoiled!

In also exciting news… LAURA D’ANDRE (one of my besties from college) BOOKED RIZZO IN THE GREASE NATIONAL TOUR!!! Yayyyyy!! What was really neat was the fact that they were in West Palm Beach.. only 45 minutes away. So not only did I get to see Bobby and my Aunt… I got to see Laura!! Unfortunately, she was not in the show yet… still in rehearsals and makes her debut on Dec 1st (can you tell I am so stoked for her). BUT a bunch of us Legally Blonders went and saw the show when we had the daytime off and then they came and saw our show Sunday night (I was on as Mom). So it was really neat to see what Laura gets to be apart of and she got to see what I’ve been up to. She is going to knock the role out of the ballpark. So if Grease comes to a city near you… go cheer her on!! We also had a Legally Blonde and Grease bowling night after our shows. We met at a bowling alley in the middle of our two locations, met the cast, played a couple rounds, and had so much fun! All my worlds were colliding that night… kind of surreal. Laura my bestie from college, Bobby my bestie from High School Musical, and my LB cast… again… felt so spoiled! It was such a fun night! I love my friends!

And even though it will be cold, I get to be spoiled this week and have Thanksgiving dinner with my dear friend Micah and his family!! They live in Boston, which isn’t too far from Worcester, so it will be so so nice to have Thanksgiving with them. I cannot wait!

As far as the show… 2 people left this past week: Nathan our company manager and the talented Sara Sheperd who played Kate/Chutney. Nathan is leaving us for the broadway and Shep will be Fanny Brice in Funny Girl in Chicago!! Both very good excuses to leave so we are thrilled for them--even though we were sad to lose them. But we have two new members of the LB family and we are really excited to have them aboard! Actually… the new Kate/Chutney was the original swing (as in my track!!) And she is so cool! So yay new people!! But we will miss the old!

As for me… Elle is the only thing I have left to learn completely. I have learned all her music and almost all lines and choreography… just need my blocking. Enid and Serena are done… I have gone on for 4 out of the 5 ensemble tracks and will get to do the 5th one (the judge) next week!! So by the layoff… I should have all ensemble girls done!! Finally!! By the layoff it’ll be my halfway mark in my contract too. CRAZY! Time is flying on by! Definitely looking forward to the layoff with my family and a quick trip to NY!! Just 3 more weeks : )

Whoa that’s a long update! Hope everyone has a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving. It’ll be my first Thanksgiving away from home… weird. Growing up….weird. ☺ But so thankful for the experiences and the people around me this holiday season. Sending lots and lots of love and happy wishes.

We had a dresser a couple weeks ago who would say “shine on” instead of break legs or good wishes… thought that was pretty sweet. So..

Shine on ya’ll,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

summer in November

Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!!! Weird to be in 80 degree weather in November… but here we are! We just got finished with doing a week run in Melbourne, FL where we had ocean view rooms right on the beach. It was absolutely stunning. Rhiannon (my roommate) and I slept every night with the doors open to listen to the waves. After the shows we would go to the hot tub under the stars and we would get up in the morning to run on the beach or lay out for a bit. One day we decided it would be a good idea to go in the water. Well… lets just say I got in a fight with a wave and the wave won. I hit my chin on the round really hard and ended up with a bleeding battle wound : ) but not too dramatic… didn’t need stitches thank goodness… but boy did it knock the wind out of me. Florida waves are no joke!!

As far as the show… I had my Mom debut this week!! So much fun and definitely the hardest track in the show… so I am so happy to knock that one down. So only 1 more ensemble track to go on for. I have now learned 7 out of 8 tracks… the only one left is Elle!! So we are starting next week!

I’ve been keeping really busy. A lot of people are taking vacations right now so I am going on almost every night. When I am not on, I have been watching the show and trailing the principals I cover. Busy busy busy. But I absolutely love it. I LOVE this show, LOVE these people, LOVE my job! Being a swing is definitely a tough challenge… and I am not so sure if I ever want to do it again. BUT this is a really fun show to swing. There are so many different characters I get to play.. which makes it fresh, new, and fun. And I just love the cast so much. Everyone is so wonderful.

So now we go to Ft Lauderdale for 2 weeks at the Embassy Suites aka free breakfast in the morning and free happy hour!! Love me some Embassy Suites! : ) Then we are in Worcester during Thanksgiving. Just 5 weeks until Christmas layoff (I'll be in NY Dec 14-17 then going home for a California coast trip with family until the 28th)!! Time is just flying by here… it’s already been 2 months!! Crazy crazy!

That’s all the update for now! Love you all and miss you!!
Sending BIG hugs!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The "More to Come"

Hey everyone!

Ashley here… on a new laptop!! Woo hoo! I finally made the new mac pro purchase. And I am in love. Pretty little silver 13” with the black keys and the new snow leopard software… like I said… in love. And best part about it: I got in when I was back in New York this past week. We didn’t start shows here in Detroit until tonight (Thursday) and we ended shows in Sacramento on Sunday (matinee). So a bunch of us hopped on a jetblue red eye from Sac to NY Sunday night. It was so nice to come back. Got to meet my new sublet (she’s amazing…such a blessing), got to see Micah’s show he choreographed (SOOO proud of you Micah!), ran some errands, and saw my FRIENDS!!!! It was so good to see people. Tour is hard sometimes when you are trapped in your little bubble. So it was so nice to remind myself that I have a life outside of work.

Not going to lie… it was hard to leave again. Bobby and I used to watch tv and have computer time every night together. Just nice quiet time in the same room. Right away… we went back to our old habits and it was just so wonderful… hooked. So it was hard to leave but I also feel refreshed and ready to learn the rest of my tracks. 4 learned… 4 to go.

Just a little update with the show: I have been on for 3 tracks now!
It’s been 3 weeks now where I have been “performance ready” (gone for 5 weeks total) and I have been on 15 times: 11 shows as Stenographer, 2 as DA Joyce Riley, and 2 as Kate/Chutney. I was very hesitant about being a swing… but it is actually exciting. Plus, this show is such a fun one to swing because you get to actually play different ROLES. It’s like not 3rd Delta Nu from the left… everyone has at least one feature. So it’s a nice stretch and I am learning SOOO much already.

Now we are ending the 2nd week of Detroit... 1 more to go. It’s Becky’s (Elle) vacation so Kathleen made her debut as Elle! Yay! Then when Becky comes back, it will begin the year 2 arrangement where Becky goes on for 6 shows and Kathleen goes on for 2. Exciting update from Sacramento: Rhiannon got to go on as Elle for the first time and nailed it! So fun to see her up there!! So I am now the only Elle cover left to have an opening night. Looks like I will start learning Elle next week. I only have Enid and Elle left to learn. ALMOST THERE! ☺ Then I can breathe and have some real fun.

That's the update for now : )

Miss you all… sending big hugs!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just some pics...

More of an update to come but for now......Some pictures!!!!

Rhiannon (Margot) and I (on for Kate) in our Greek Delta Nu Costumes
Rhiannon (Margot) and I (on for the Stenographer) as Greek Delta Nus

Kathleen (Stenographer) and I (on for Kate) before curtain goes up

Sara Shep (Kate) and I (on for Stenographer) in Delta Nus

Day before Kathleen's debut as Stenographer! I went on in her track.

Thats all for now... more to come!
Snaps and Love

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Swing's Tale

What a week it has been. We were in Tempe, Arizona and it was officially my first week of being on “Swing duty.” I wasn’t actually scheduled to go on until Sunday matinee… but boy was I in for a surprise. So to start my not-so-little update… first let me break down the tracks I am in charge of to make this story a little less confusing.
My principals:

Elle: I have learned the music only. Our Elle on tour is now officially a 6 show Elle (meaning she goes on for 6 out of 8 shows a week). The other understudy (Kathleen Monteleone who was on Grease You’re the One that I want) is the 2 show Ellle… so she will be going on as Elle every Sunday. When she goes on for Elle, I will go on for her ensemble track which is called the “Cat Lady/Stenographer Track.” (NOTE: Kathleen is taking over for Lauren Ashley Zakrin who was on the Search for Elle Woods reality show… Lauren’s last week was here in Tempe so she went on for Elle on Sunday as her last 2 shows since Kathleen wasn’t scheduled to start until Sacramento)

Serena: One of Elle’s best friends… the brunette cheerleader. I am starting to learn this track on Wednesday of this coming week!

Enid: A Harvard law student… will probably learn this in the next couple weeks.

Then as far as ensemble… there are 5 different tracks:
1. Cat Lady/Stenographer
2. DA Joyce Riley
3. Elle’s Mom/Whitney
4. Judge/Sales Lady
5. Kate/Chutney

Because of the 6 show/2 show Elle thing… I was scheduled to go on for the Cat Lady/Stenographer first for the Sunday shows when Lauren was on for Elle. So for the 2 weeks we were in Costa Mesa, I was learning the Cat lady/Stenog track. Well… come Wednesday… I find out that one of our principals was out for the rest of the month on vocal rest. Long story short: the other swing had to go for that lead, the girl who plays DA Joyce Riley had to go on for a different principal that was out, and I was on as DA Joyce Riley. So I had a 2 hour rehearsal where I learned the DA track… had a quick 30 minute put in with the cast and BOOM… I’m on stage. It went surprisingly well… didn’t injure anyone or myself. Haha. And for the first time ever… I literally had to write my lines on my hand because there was no way I was going to memorize them after the 2 hr rehearsal. Mainly because the lines are all very similar. Haha. For instance: “will you please clarify for the court…” “will you please explain to the court…” “will you please tell the court…” ya there was no way. So I wrote key words to help my poor little brain out. I do have to say… I have some amazing coworkers. The entire cast was so supportive and wonderful. Being thrown in so quickly, I honestly could not have done it without them. They were all checking up on me and ready to answer any questions I had before we went on stage. They were fabulous… so thanks guys! You’re the best : )

So I survived my first show on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I had a put in for the cat lady/stenographer track. Then was surprised again and went on as DA Joyce Riley on Saturday night… then FINALLY went on AS SCHEDULED as cat lady/stenographer both shows on Sunday. Update on jump rope number in the show… the first time I went on… I was a hot mess. Didn’t hurt anyone or lose my rope, but I was getting tangled and well… it just was not working out. BUT Saturday and both shows on Sunday… I was a jump rope champ! Did not mess up at all! I finished the number and jumped up and down : ) Big accomplishment! Haha.

No time to do any sight seeing in Tempe, but there was great shopping! : ) And we lived in an amazing hotel right off the main street (Mill St. for any of you who have been to Tempe). Nice weather, good food, good people, good shows, good week! : )

Now we are here in Sacramento, CA for 2 weeks. My home state’s capitol! Because of emergency rehearsals and rescheduling, Kathleen has not been able to learn her full ensemble track yet and her Elle costumes are not ready for her to go on as Elle… so I will be doing the cat lady/stenographer track all week and Lauren is coming back on Sunday to do Elle. So if you’re near Sacramento… I’m on all week… so come check us out : ) I’m also looking forward to seeing my mom and sister for a visit!! And hopefully catching up with some friends from the past and other family members who live nearby!! All the while praying and knocking on wood that everyone stays healthy and unharmed since both female swings are already scheduled to go on all week. Send good thoughts and vibes to the legally blonde cast : )

Miss everyone so much! Please keep me updated with everything that’s going on at home and in your lives! I love email updates!
Sending lots and lots of love to you all

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting WHIPPED into Shape... literally

Hey ya'll!!!

So things are a little crazy but a lot of people are emailing/texting reminding me to update my blog haha. So here's a quickie... AHHHH Legally Blonde is overwhelming! But SOOO much fun! So it's official I am a swing (which means covering 5 ensemble girls...all have features) and understudy Elle, Serena, and Enid. Lots and lots to learn but taking it one track at a time! Or atleast trying to... my mind likes to wander while watching the show and being in rehearsal to another track or what I am going to eat after I stop jump roping. haha. (which by the way...SO HARD... I have jump rope marks all over my body!!) But we are a week and a half in and I have one track almost done... then onto the next. Luckily most of the choreo is the same... just traffic patterns and some choreography is reversed. Then the additional lines and such... but dats eet. Then onto the principals... haha... so basically my brain will be taking in lots of info the next couple months. But the cast is so helpful and welcoming. It's really nice. I haven't been able to spend much time with people but that'll change very soon. All work no play for now. : )

I feel very blessed to start in Costa Mesa because I have gotten the chance to see some of my college friends! Mo, Perry, Hannah, and Tessa have been VERY generous and opened their homes to me. Can't thank you enough!!! I was also able to spend a few days home... then getting a hotel room on Saturday and Sunday so my parents can come down and spend the weekend with me before I leave on Monday. Tempe is our next stop and the official start of my performance weeks. In other words... I COULD be on on Tuesday... aka lots of homework come Monday. But I am also knocking on wood a million bagillion times. I am scheduled to go on for one track on next Sunday so that is what I am counting on to be my opening night!

I was able to find a sublet! yay!!! I do miss my NY people lots and lots!!! But I am excited to tour again... Trying to get prepared for the next cities... anyone know anything fun to do or see in Tempe? Sacramento? Detroit? Melbourne? Ft Lauderdale? (Those are our cities coming up).

Anyways gotta go trail a track : )
Sending lots of love
Miss you all!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

On the road again...

So life as a performer is always changing... and indeed it has. While doing HSM, I got a call from Telsey to come audition for Legally Blonde as an Elle cover and swing for other principal/featured female roles. I was in Wolftrap (near Washington DC) so I took a train in on my day off to go audition (this is Tuesday). Then as I was boarding the train to go back to DC, Justin called me for a callback the following day (Wednesday). I had rehearsal and a show so I couldn't make the callbacks... but he scheduled a callback for me on Thursday (today). So I took a 12am bus after the Wed show, had a dance call at 1130pm in NY, jumped on a train for DC at 1235, then got a call that I booked it at 1pm!! CRAZY couple days... but I am finally back in DC and getting ready to do the show tonight. So looks like I am graduating from high school and going to law school starting Monday in Costa Mesa!!!! I am a swing who covers Elle, Serena, and Enid and I get to rehearse near home!! I get back from HSM on Monday morning and will be flying out that night to LA. Insane but I am really excited! Check out the website: for our schedule and whereabouts! This time around... I would love to see more people while touring!

As far as HSM… it is going really well and we are continuing to have a wonderful time! The audiences here in Wolftrap are fantastic. It’s a massive outdoor theatre that fits around 7000 people. Were definitely not sold out (haha) but our crowds have been loud and so much fun! Screaming girls… there is no sound like it. Theatre of the Stars have been treating us really well too. They fed us quite a feast between rehearsal and show tomorrow. They are also giving us some souvenirs… INCLUDING a East High Drama Club T-Shirt! Holler!! : ) And Sharpay has just been such a fun role to play. She’s a hoot! Plus playing opposite Bobby never gets boring. I wish I could put him in my suitcase and bring him with me on LB. But I’m not gonna go there yet cuz then I’ll be sad. Haha. I have made some incredible friends (new and old) in this production and I feel so so blessed to be working with them. Long lasting friendships up ahead for sure.

Speaking about friends… I just got off the phone with the amazing Mazie Wilson and I just have to thank her and everyone else for their support the past couple months. Without my family (love you mom and dad), Bobby, and friends like Mazie… I don’t think I would have stayed in New York much longer. Looking over blogs before and some of my journal entries, I really had some tough times. But they encouraged me to trust in God and myself and hang in there. So thank you to you all. Much love!!! : )

Lastly... if anyone knows anyone looking for a NY sublet... please send them my way : ) I found someone for the first couple weeks but need someone starting October 1st. Just toss me an email : )

Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses!!
Miss you and hopefully will see you soon!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming to the end of HSM... for the second time??...

Hey hey hey from Vienna, Virginia (aka Wolftrap… a National Park for the Performing Arts)! We had a great week of 8 shows last week and now we have only 7 more! So sad… we really are having a blast on this tour! I don’t know if it’s because we know we have a closing (haha) but everyone has really enjoyed doing the show. The cast is so enjoyable and I feel so blessed to work with such great people and meet some great new friends! There wasn’t a lot to do in Grand Rapids, but it was pretty refreshing. The hotel was gorgeous and had everything you could possibly need (The Amway Grand Hotel). One of the highlights of the week was our Ms. Darbus (Kristi Ambrosetti) knew people who lived nearby and they invited Kristi, Bobby, Emilee, and I for a lovely HOME COOKED dinner. We were SO spoiled as we ate our incredible meal and looked out over the lake they lived on. What a blessing and EXACTLY what we needed after a hectic couple weeks of rehearsals and shows. After the visit with Kristi’s friends, we met up with the rest of the gang at TGI Fridays for Olivia’s bday celebration. Yay bdays (We have 3 just within the 3 week process).

After a long day of flights getting delayed, we are finally in Wolftrap and hoping for an even better week than the last. I will be really sad to be done with the show but very excited to go home!! Counting down the days: 10 more days!!! Yay!

And that’s the update for now. Here’s another article that was released today about the show for wolftrap:

Hope life is beautiful for you all!
Sending lots of hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Opening Night...

We finally opened! After only 11 days of rehearsal (8 in studio, 3 of tech)... we are finally in shows! 1 down 7 to go in Grand Rapids and 8 shows in Wolftrap! Here is a link to some pictures and our first review!

More to come later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time is a travelin'

In Grand Rapids, Michigan… 2nd day of Tech aka 10 out of 12 hour days (12 hr rehearsal with 2 hr break in between 5 hour sessions). We are really flying with this show… flyyyiinnggg!! We rehearsed for 8 days and put the show together (minus the last number… which we will be doing today). Yesterday was first day of tech and we have today and tomorrow… then POOF we open! It’s been a little intense, but like I said before we are having a lot of fun. Not too shabby for a day of work. I tried on my wig yesterday and gave everyone a big surprise. It wasn’t styled at all, so I was giving you 80s hairstyle… the cast was in tears when I came out. Lightened up the mood and had a good laugh. Then I gave the wig back to the sweet wig lady and am keeping my fingers crossed for a contemporary cute hairdo. Pictures to come… when it’s ready to be shown ☺. But the hair color looks good… they got me a dark blonde wig (thank goodness) because platinum doesn’t really go with my skin coloring. It has some low lights and stuff… so eyebrows will only be slightly lightened.

I just started reading Time Travelers Wife after seeing the movie. I know I should have read before the movie but Bobby told me that it’s kind of different so not too much spoiling. The movie is getting mixed reviews, but I really loved it. I had a good cry (in a good way). Another obsession of mine is Tracy Anderson! It’s no news to people that I have been trying to take off that tour weight for quite some time now. I bought Tracy Anderson videos when I saw her on Oprah, but I never got the chance to really do them. When I was living in Corona del Mar in college, I was doing the tapes and my neighbor who lived below me came to my door and said I was making too much noise jumping around. Haha. So I had to put the videos to rest. But I got to bring them back and I am LOVING them! I got a trainer a little bit ago, but have been kind of getting more muscular than I would have liked. So I started doing Tracy and am seeing some more results. Her concept is muscle exhaustion and aims for a tiny dancer body. She has a cardio video that incorporates dance and a mat workout that requires only a chair and 3 pound weights. And it’s a lot of fun… but it is hard to do them when you have a roommate haha. Poor Bobby walks in our apartment and knows if I did my tape because it feels like a bikram yoga studio (ew). But it’s fun and I definitely recommend it. Come to think of it… I have a break in the show so I’m going to do her mat work out right now : )

That’s all the update for today.
Sending some love!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It took some time... but I'm back : )

It’s been quite some time since an update… I know I need to be more on this blog thing. Oh I was doing so well… but then I went through 3 part time jobs in a month (I just couldn’t find one that paid well or had enough hours), took a fabulous audition class, and kept myself busy with New York to dos and life lessons.

Well… after 5 months and 3 days since moving to the big NY, I now find myself out of the city in Grand Rapids, Michigan in another tour production of High School Musical. Atlanta Theatre of the Stars (TOTS) launched a 2 week mini tour to Grand Rapids and Wolftrap, Virginia. A lot of the same cast is involved, but most of us are playing different roles. This time around I am Sharpay opposite my roomie, Bobby, as Ryan. The show was put up in 8 days… CRAZY! I had never done something like that, but since it was with so many fun people, it was not really stressful. Just a nice little reunion! So if you know anyone in the areas we are performing… send them our way! : )

The same week I received the call about Sharpay, Radio City FINALLY called me! I booked a singer track in the Christmas Show at the New York Radio City Music Hall. Christmas in New York this year!! Shows run Nov 17 to Dec 30 (possible extension to Jan 3). So if you find yourself in NY during the holidays, come check us out!!

Now lets escape the world of theatre for a bit. I can’t believe how much I have learned in the past 5 months. Went through SO many ups and downs…. But “what doesn’t kill you, makes your stronger.” May be cliché… but soooo true. After some struggling and soul searching, I finally feel like I actually know what I want and who I am and am proud to fight for that. I have always been the type who worries about the future. Living here, I am learning how that only makes you crazy. : ) I have my goals that drive my “future,” but living in the moment is something I am really trying to do. Haha. TRYING is the key word! But I just have to make a little shout out to Bobby (hashe’s the one who reminded me to do a blog update teehee) and thank him for everything. He has been very patient with me and things that have happened. And through it all, he has been the most amazing friend, partner in crime, hero, and confidant. Love you, B!!

One of the hardest things about NY is being SO far away from my family. I am so grateful for my NY community of friends and loved ones, but it is time to go home for a bit. So in between shows I am taking a long vacay home! Sept 10-28 if anyone wants to get together. I am so excited!!

Well that’s all for now…
Until next time
Love to all!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you live, you learn, you crash, you burn

I'm not perfect... I'm continuously learning. Life is funny... there are rapid changes at every corner. "Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit" -Napoleon Hill. I couldn't agree with that more. I am not proud of some things I have done or said in the past. I have hurt some people or made people feel uncomfortable... were all human and we all learn from our mistakes. So to those of you I have hurt and upset... please know I am not a malicious person, I am just a person in process. I learn new things every day. I have been so blessed to have people in my life who teach me a lot about myself. New York is not the easiest of places so far. I admit it... but with every struggle, there's something to learn. Kind of going through that after college crisis already just 3 days after graduation. Well... 3 months of being in New York... and I know I shouldn't get so down on myself... so I am picking up the pieces and getting stronger day by day. Have to be a big girl now : ) Put on those pull ups. haha. Graduation was a beautiful celebration and brought up a lot of emotions that I can't possibly explain. If you have seen UP, you will know when I say I needed to start a new adventure. I don't know what the future holds, but I am only 22 once and who knows how long I will live here in the Big Apple. So I'm going to take advantage of all that's around me. It's a new chapter, a new beginning, and I am scared and nervous... but also brave and excited. Please Pray for me : ) Love you all.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's All Coming Back to Me Now....

This week is brilliant videos week.... I can't with this one...

My Aunt Suzy sent this one... ridiculous:

And we love our Celine...classic:
(wouldn't let me embed but you have to watch)

I love youtube

Monday, June 1, 2009

Never again will I have Diet Coke at night

So I came home tonight and was craving something sweet and opened the fridge and TADA Diet Coke... a little wouldn't do anything.. or so I thought!! It's 330am and I am wired... who do I think I am? Never again will that happen... never again.

But now that I am up I do have some cool things to recommend that I have come across in the last few days:

#1. So now that I am no longer on unemployment... BUDGET is a word that I am trying to put back in my vocabulary. Now that my apartment is finally put together... it's time to do so. Thanks to the internet and word of mouth... I came across this FREE site called It's a site where you load all your online banking on and it breaks it down into a budget and tells you what you spend all your money on and how you can save. It's perfectly safe (believe me I checked and checked). I got my credit card stolen last month so I'm very careful. But check it out. It's amazing!!

#2. 2 TV shows that I am addicted to now are:
GOSSIP GIRL: I finished both seasons in 3 days... guilty pleasure
and new favorite (and sad it's ending in 2 episodes):
No TV=Internet and iTunes TV. So both shows have gotten me through the rough times of boredom. Thank you Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies.

Bobby (my roommate) and I could not stop laughing when we saw this site. Look at all of them... we laughed, we cried, we cried from laughing. Come to think of it: Because of the diet coke... this is kind of how I feel right now (thank you


#4. It's almost new planner time!! One of my favorite times of the year!! My favorite kind is the Academic Textagenda from Quo Vadis. 2008-2009 was black... 2009-2010 is blue!! I know I am no longer in college, but it definitely has the best layout of planners... I can fit a whole bunch of stuff in it:
Academic Textagenda Habana-BlueAcademic Textagenda Habana-BlueAcademic Textagenda Habana-Blue
Check them out at

#5. NY never aires the Dodgers games but I have been keeping up online and via iPhone and WOOHOOO! Best record!!! Of course when I am far away... they are doing AMAZING! So fingers crossed I can see a game when I come home! THINK BLUE!!!!

And those are a few of my favorite things: old, new, borrowed, blue.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Wanna Be a Rockette!! you heard me!! I could!! With my long legs and okay... that killed it right there. I am def not in the running to be a rockette. BUT for a little update: I am in the running for the Radio City Show as a singer track. I guess there are 2 different shows: The New York/Tour is one type and the Sit down shows in Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, etc is a different show. So I auditioned last week, got called to dance, and then they asked me to come back to the New York/Tour show callback. When I showed up, there was only 8 girls there and 4 had already done the show. We all sang, moved, sang again, and then sang again. Then we were measured and given a notice that we are in the final callbacks and will hear by August 1st. If we don't hear from them, then we are on the alternate list. So who knows... they still have to go to LA and Chicago, but it was exciting. What a fun gig! Especially if I were to stay in NY!! But ya know... it's in God's hands. It'll work out the way it's supposed to!

I definitely needed something like that to happen. That first couple months in NY slump was getting ahold of me. BUT I've been praying a lot and really trying to get myself up and out of the funk. I have been waiting for some agents to bite also, so that was getting me down. I came here with an agent who is bicoastal (and awesome) from LA, but the NY office got hit hard by the economy and was not taking a lot of new clients. So since I am new to the area, they haven't been submitting me. So I sent a few headshots and resumes to some agents that I am interested in and have a interview with one on Wednesday! So fingers crossed... I really liked one agent I have already met with and am looking forward to meeting the other.

Dad also helped me get outta a little funk. He came for biz last week and on Friday, we rented a car and had a little road trip to the Hamptons!! Talk about an incredible adventure. He took better pictures than I did so I will try to hunt some down and post them, but Oh Goodness! No wonder why people have a second home out there.... it truly is the most beautiful and quiet get-away. We came during the perfect time too (just before peak season). It was so gorgeous, beautiful weather, not nice enough to go to the beach, but we had 2 days to see everything. We saw the light house in Montauk, the gorgeous HUGE homes on Further Lane, Southampton, Bridge Hampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, and everything in between. Charming Town after charming town. I felt so at peace there and it was so nice to spend time with my dad. I think he needed a place to slow down too. Here's some pictures I got with my iPhone... more to come.

Ian is here this weekend for auditions! I feel bad because we have very opposite schedules. For instance, he is at an audition this morning and I have one in the afternoon. Then I have work tonight and I had to work yesterday. Tomorrow I have an audition in the morn and he has an audition in the afternoon. So he's here (YAY), but we don't get to spend much time together (NAY). It's so funny how many visitors I have had! I feel very blessed : ) And then I get to go home and walk for graduation in June! So I'll be home June 6 to 14. Yay!

Apartment is good... except Bobby and I are dieing without television!
But it's ok!! We have books.... and a slow internet where we can watch shows in cut time. Literally in cu.............t Ya it sucks. BUT I am reading a fantastic book right now!! Laugh out loud hysterical... Miss Kristin Chenoweth's bio
It helps pass the time away at work and without TV. I reccomend it to everyone. She is an incredible woman... had no idea she was adopted and suffers from verdigo spells. It is a must read!!

Actually... I think I am going to go read now : ) And then catch up on some phone calls and emails.
Love to all and miss you dearly!!

P.S. HAPPY DAY AFTER MOTHER'S DAY!!! Mom, I love you more than you know. It may be cliche, but there really isn't a better mother than you. And that's the gosh darn truth!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Officially a New Yorker... well kinda...

Been quite some time since the last update cuz so much has happened!!!

1. THE WALK!! What a wonderful day it was to walk for MS. It was a very inspirational event that I feel very blessed to have been apart of. Ian and I walked 6 miles around Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. It was a GORGEOUS day out and all the people were incredible. Here's some pictures of us sitting on a bench for a photo break... acting like children (as usual):

2. MY JOB!! So I got a job at a fitness club right next to my apartment. Free gym! yay! And some cool people. One of the managers call me "California" and says I must be insane for leaving. I do have to say I miss Cali. It's much prettier there, but I do like NY too of course. It is hard to remember names and the phone systems are a little cray-cray. But it all is worth it when I get to take those pilates and yoga classes : ) And I am meeting some great people: co-workers and members. Whenever I have to ask members or guests for their IDs, I get really excited when someone pulls out a California license. It's like that feeling when you have a friend show up at a party where you know no one. haha. CALIFORNIA!!! WE'RE LIKE FAMILY! So yes those 8 hour shifts get long sometimes but the people are getting me through it : ) And ooo theres a pool too!! Good for those summer days coming up! Plus it's on the Hudson River so pretty view.

3. Ian left : ( and it was a very sad day. Thank goodness fo Skype so we can see eachother : ) But it's no fun being seperated after all the fun we've had the past 6 months. I miss him... BUT my mom came and rescued me 2 days after he left!! Which leads me to...

4. MOM CAME! We had such a beautiful time together. Saw 3 shows (Shrek, In the Heights, and 9 to 5) which were incredible! And we were lucky lucky girls because we got the rush of 9 to 5 and won the lottery for both Shrek (mom won) and In the Heights (I won). Then we had incredible girl time where we shop shop shopped till our feet could shop no more (throbbing). We had some great meals out, cooked some great meals, and just played in the New York sun. I was so excited to show her around, take her to my new job, take her to my favorite places, and just have mommy and me time. It was perfect! (Thanks mom... I LOVE YOU)

5. Dad is coming next week too!! I'm so lucky to have so many visitors : ) He is here for business and then the weekend is play time for us both. We are thinking of going to the Hamptons...oooooo. But if not... maybe a trip to Chelsea Piers to do some rock climbing and other cool things. We shall see : )

6. My dear friend from tour (Bobby who played Ryan for those of you who saw the show) FINALLY moved in yesterday! And I FINALLY moved into my bedroom. I have been staying in the other room until the other roommate moved out and TADA! We are moved in!!! yay! So we're finally making this place our home sweet home. No cable right now... I don't know how people did it without TV. We won't last long... I think were getting desperate.

7. Auditions are going really well. I've gotten a bunch of callbacks here and there. It is funny though because I am beginning to feel like being short is a disease. I have had two casting agents say they love me and will be casting shorter people in upcoming projects so they will call me in for those. I just laugh. Atleast thats the one thing I can't really change about myself. God made me this way for a reason.... so shorter people roles here I come!! : )

and that's my shpeal.
miss you all and hope life is beautiful.
Stay away from swine... or whatever they are calling it these days.
Stay healthy and happy!!
All my love.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Painting walls instead of eggs

I'm finally getting settled and things are coming together in the apartment! yay! Ian and I had a wonderful Easter. We went to a charming church on the East Side with friends from college, had brunch with them at Blue Fin (in Times Square), and then went home to paint my walls!! How very festive of us...painting walls instead of eggs. : ) Feels much more like home now after adding some little touches here and there. And I am so so lucky to have such a helpful and handy boyfriend. He has really helped a lot...especially with carrying the heavy things up 5 flights of stairs. : )

I've been seeing a ton of shows here which has been very inspiring and helped keep my eye on the prize. So far we've seen 3 plays: Reasons to be Pretty, August Osage County, and The Philanthropist (with Matthew Broderick). I have never been in love with straight plays but that has definitely changed. All three were absolutely brilliant! We saw an off-bway musical called Rooms tonight which was a funny, touching, entertaining rock musical. And as far as musicals... I have not been let down at all. I've seen South Pacific, Shrek, Little Mermaid, West Side Story, and were seeing Next to Normal on Sunday. Hopefully we will see 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton's new musical) tomorrow, but we have to general rush it so we shall see.

I started taking a class with a casting director from Telsey (one of the big casting directors here in NY) that is a 4 week course where we work on good audition songs and cuts. We had our first class the other night and she is AWESOME! I'm also starting with a new vocal coach tomorrow to work on some material. Just trying to get "a package" together. : ) And you can never stop training! Auditions have been slow, but there are a few at the end of this week so we shall see what happens.

I interviewed for 2 "in the meantime" jobs today and have a callback/2nd interview with both. One is for a company called Little Maestros where we sing and teach toddlers about music, letters, numbers, high fives, and more! It's absolutely adorable!! I auditioned for them and then stayed to watch the classes. They are 45 minutes and like a live Sesame Street type thing (but more hip and not puppets the whole time). I go back on Monday for a callback! Then I also interviewed for a private gym that is only a few avenues away from my house. They have an opening for a front desk position in the evenings which includes a free gym membership! LOVELY! And they are really nice about the fact that I have auditions and so they will be scheduling me for later in the day so they won't conflict. I go back for a 2nd interview on Friday. It'll be nice to just have something to do and not see that savings account go down anymore. : )

Other than all those things, Ian leaves Monday morning (tear) so we're trying to get as many shows in as we can. If you're in NY, he will be in a show (along with the other UCI students on the NY program) on Saturday at the York Theatre. I'm excited to see him in that!! And then Sunday morning is the Walk for MS! And that's a little update on thangs! : )

Hope you are all doing well!
I miss Cali a lot (especially the people and WEATHER!!) : )
But I do love it here a lot.
Cheers!! XOXO

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walk for MS and AIDS Walk info

Hi Friends and Family!!

So if you would like to donate to the Walk for MS follow this link:

And if you'd like to donate to AIDS Walk follow this link:

I know it's a lot to ask during the recession, but no donation is too small. Anything you can spare would be extremely helpful. And it's tax deductible! WONDERFUL! : ) Please do not feel obligated, but any donation would be very appreciated.

If you live in NY and are interested in walking with me, SIGN UP!!! : )
Walk for MS:
AIDS Walk:

If you don't live in NY, there are some great walks all over the nation (esp you San Fran, Orange County, and LA people). So please take the time to research which walks are coming up in your area and get involved!!!

Thank you all for your support!
God Bless,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is type?

So moving to a new place is pretty scary and exciting at the same time. No matter your career, hopes, dreams, job, yadda yadda, you get the ability to reestablish yourself. That's great!!... except when it comes to being an actor. Growing up in the same area (SoCal) all my life has definitely helped me with networking in LA and Orange County... but it's a whole different ball game here. You have to go in ready to present a package and hope that is what casting is looking for. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to play so many DIFFERENT roles at UCI and in the LA circuit, but now I have a hard time putting together "my package." I have played the comic relief to the sweet ingenue, the belter to soprano, the Puerto Rican to Blonde, and the woman to the teen. So when staring at my resume... WHAT THE HECK AM I!?!? Everyone has their own opinions and observations. With that being said, I have already found it very interesting auditioning for people who have never seen me before. Is this making sense? I could be rambling but I'll get to the point of this all. I have only been here for 3 weeks, so it's not a big deal (I'm not freaking out haha) but I have had two events where I have been so confused. I got typed out of Bye Bye Birdie because I was too old looking and then I got a callback for Mimi in Rent. huh? haha. I may not be totally clear on my type... but that's pretty funny. BBB was going for real 15 year olds and I totally understand that but Mimi?? It's just so funny when you go into an audition and the one role you would never think you'd be... that's the role the pick you for. Callback went fine, but I think they knew I wasn't the right type when I walked in. haha. It happens. : ) So basically... right now I am trying to figure out what my "type" is. But maybe I don't even need one... haha... who knows... or I could have a bunch.

I guess I just need to be patient with all this stuff. I have always been that type A person who wanted something yesterday instead of just trusting in God. So I'm trying : ) I have an audition for a job next Wednesday for a company called Little Maestros where I get to sing to little children. So fingers crossed for that. Also, looks like I have found a church and a prayer group that is just for actors! yay! So that'll be nice and healing. Speaking about healing, I registered for the MS walk on April 19th and the Aids Walk on May 17th here in NY. I'll post up how you can make donations to the cause soon. I just need to get some more info. I just thought it would be a great way to give back, support a good cause, and something that is emotionally and physically healing. It's very humbling to walk around these streets and see so many people in need of rescue and help. So that is going to be one of my focuses as I continue to audition: give back to others.

So that's the update. Got to go clean my tiny cute apartment.
Love and miss you all
God Bless

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's been a little cray-cray!!

I am so sorry it's been so long. I have received many emails, texts, phone calls, etc and have yet to have time to catch up and return all the messages. So I have 2 hours to do that today : ) (or as much as I can).

So I am finally in my apartment and trying to get settled!! weeeee! It's a tiny little place and because the roommates did not cook prior to me moving in... I have had to get some new appliances and make it more like home! But I figure the appliances will help me save $$$ for food. I have been eating out so much because I couldn't cook... just a waste of money! I mean $10 for a salad! Thats insane!!! So I make my own salad now...shoot... : ) The fridge is still not working though... so I have to do a lot of canned soups or buy produce and use it the day of. Luckily the Trader Joes is an easy 12 minute walk (to be exact) and a supermarket is a block away. AMAZING LOCATION!!!!

Besides the apartment, I have been to 4 auditions so far and have one tonight. Out of 4, I have had 3 callbacks so that has been nice. The audition scene is SO DIFFERENT than LA, especially because I don't know a lot of people. In LA, you get so used to seeing the same familiar faces but I don't really know the ones here yet. But I am meeting some because of tourmates introducing me or because we start talking while waiting to go in the audition room. There's also a lot of people here compared to LA. In LA, I have only been to 1 typing audition (where they only ask you to sing if they think you have the right look for the show). In NY, I have been to 2: Legally Blonde (got typed in) and Bye Bye Birdie is tonight (so we shall see) Supposably they are only keeping 15 year olds... so I am wearing a sports bra and no make up. I tried on my audition outfit (which consists of a 50s style dress, keds, bobbi socks, and a hair tie) and Ian was creeped out that I looked so young. So hopefully casting will think so too.

I also just signed up for a class with one the top casting directors here in NY. It cost a pretty penny, but she casts a lot of shows I would love to be seen for... so I figured it was well worth it (Wicked, Legally Blonde, Spiderman, South Pacific, In the Heights, and many more). Since I am getting free dance classes with UCI out here, it was about time I paid for a class : )

My birthday was two days ago. It consisted of 2 auditions, 2 callbacks, and going to the container store. woo hoo! BUT then Ian took me out to an amazing dinner at the Palms and then he and my friend Anthony put togther a little shin dig at a cute bar called Divine. Many thanks to those who helped celebrate the day with me. It was so nice to have my friends from college and tour come out, meet eachother, and help me ring in the big 22nd year. I feel very blessed to have an incredible New York "community" and look forward to more adventures. 22 is my lucky number... so I'm thinking this will be a lucky year. : )

That's pretty much the update... we shall see what happens. As for now... just getting paint swatches and putting the apartment together. One day at a time.

Now time to write some thank you cards, facebook messages, emails, and phone calls.
Love to all!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love my iPhone

Thank goodness I made the bold step to change services and get an iPhone... it has saved me many a times on the subways and walking around. It's so easy to get lost here... but thanks to my handy dandy little iPhone, I have only gotten lost once and was able to navigate back pretty easily. I've been doing a lot of studying as far as areas, subway lines, and streets. Getting better and better! : )

The first time I came here (without the family), my friend Laura and I got on the subway for the first time by ourselves and ended up going the wrong way... we were lost for about 2 hours. And then there was the time when I took the wrong train and ended up lost for 3 hours by myself... that was fun. But now... no more getting lost thanks to my iPhone and studying! : )

Last night was so much fun! Ian, Anthony (friend from Tour), Myrona (my professor), and a bunch of the UCI people went and saw my friend, Laura, as Petra in a Little Night Music. It was in White Plains, NY so we took a quick little train ride and saw her rock it out. So proud of her!! I had never been to the Grand Central Station too... I'm excited to take more trips on the train soon.

Today was no more vacation day here in New York. Ian started his classes and I started my gym membership (I am officially a New Yorker haha) and getting ready for all the auditions this week. Looks like I will have my first one on Tuesday. There are mainly regional theatre auditions until Legally Blonde (April 2) and Bye Bye Birdie (April 4). In the meantime, I plan on auditioning for the regionals, getting back in shape, and taking some dance classes. I'm getting excited to move into my place and get settled!! As far as part time jobs and such, I'll probably start looking in late April/ early May... just need time to settle first. : ) Hopefully something fun will show up. Until then... enjoying my days without commitment : )

Friday, March 20, 2009


So I finally made it... the Big Apple.
It's a weird humbling experience. When I first started college, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to accomplish before moving to NY:

1. money saved
2. my Equity Card
3. an apartment
4. some credits
5. Friends in NY
6. My College Degree

Thanks to tour and UC Irvine, I checked all those things off of my list last Friday and was on a plane Wednesday to the city. Some might call me insane, but I just wanted to start the adventure : ) I am also very lucky because Ian (my boyfriend) is going on the UCI New York Satellite Program for the first 5 weeks that I am here. He is taking classes while I get adapted to the city. So it is so nice to have him here and for him to help with the move. Little girls could use a strong man to help with suitcases and boxes. I am a very lucky gal. : )

So to officially start my New York journey... I thought I'd start a little blog to update everyone. I used to send out emails while on tour... but this is so much easier : )
So heres the update so far:

March 18th: Flight with Ian on Virgin Airlines. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! We had such an amazing flight. Ian makes friends with everyone so we met an incredible flight attendent named Robb (with 2 bs) and he treated us to a few drinks to celebrate me moving. A nice little start : ) Once we landed, we went to my sublet on 104th and 2nd. My friend, Amanda, is playing Natalie in All Shook Up in PA so she needed someone to rent out her place for a bit. Works out perfectly for me because I needed a place until April 1st!! So I'm in her place until then. After we dropped off our bags, Ian and I hopped on the subway and went down to Chelsea to look around the area of where my apartment will be come April 1st (15th St and 8th Ave). We walked for hours, took pictures, took in the city, and got excited!!
March 19th: Ran a bunch of arons all day, showed Ian my apartment (thanks Paul for letting us in) and then saw Shrek!! What a fun show! I bought tix for Ian and I all the way back to Valentines Day so we had been counting down the days for some time now. 8th row back house right... nice and close. We were a little bummed that Sutton was gone, but the understudy was great too. I really recommend it for anyone especially with kids. Just silly fun entertainment. After the show, Ian and I went to my dear friend's (Anthony) birthday party. It was such a joy to walk in and see those familiar friendly faces from tour. And it was even better to give big hugs and catch up for a few hours. Ian got to meet them (finally) and I got my friends back! yay!!

Anthony and I at his party (Ian is in the back)

March 20th: Walking and exploring day! Starting from 112th st. and 2nd ave, Ian and I watched the city and people change as we walked to 14th st. and 8th ave. We went up and down avenues, made a few stops, and enjoyed the day. Which leads me to right now... exhausted, watching a movie on the couch, and starting a blog.

I get more and more excited about living here each day. But I do miss my family and California people a lot already. So come visit!!! : ) I am excited for the things ahead and for "living the dream." Just trying to stay positive no matter what and seeing what cool things God has in store.
So cheers to that! XOXO