Monday, October 11, 2010

Now for the Update : )

Hello my friends!!

Happy October! Can’t believe it’s already fall! Did a big shipment of summer clothes to my parents house yesterday. Bye summer dresses and sandals…hello boots and layers!! Not that we are going to very cold places in the next couple weeks. But tis the season. ☺

So we left Charlotte and are onto Des Moines, IA. Last time I was in Des Moines was with High School Musical and I am definitely having a dejavu: same hotel, same theatre, same mall just a mile down the rode. Looking forward to catching up on new movie releases and shopping time this week for sure!

Charlotte was a very sweet town. Holly, Janet, and I rented bikes on Wednesday and rode over to some cute Shops on Central Street and a famous diner named Penguins. If you ever find yourself in Charlotte, check out Hong Kong (an adorable vintage shop), Boris and Natasha (great boutique), and Penguins (amazing dive diner). Our company stayed at the Omni Hotel (beautiful) and it was connected to some great bars and restaurants (aka the Epicenter)… so check that out too! Not to mention a KILLER opening night party at Sonoma. Some of the best food I have ever had at an opening night party… and it was actually healthy!

Besides those little ventures, most of us spent a lot of our time in understudy rehearsal. We are cranking it out… first understudy run thru is this week!! AHHHH So much info thrown at us, but every one is doing an awesome job and I am so excited to see us all FULL OUT soon!

Keeping busy but tour life is a lot easier this time around. It’s so funny not being a swing anymore. I never realized how uptight I was on the Blonde tour until doing this one. I was always learning something, or reviewing, blah blah blah… I rarely relaxed and just had fun. So having my own track has definitely chilled me out and I am able to really explore cities and play more.

That’s all for now.
Sending Big Hugs!

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