Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bye Bye Blonde!!

Well… the blonde door has closed. 11 months, 29 cities, 9 tracks, approx. 138 shows on (that I recorded), fun show, great memories, new puppy, fun adventures, new friends, lots of laughs… I couldn’t have asked for a better year. Being part of Legally Blonde has been a true honor and a blessing. When I first booked the tour, I cried. Not because I was excited… it was because I was scared (you know what)less. I remember watching our super swing in High School Musical saying “thank God I am not a swing… I could NEVER do that!” Well… be careful what you put out there. Haha. But I could not be more grateful for the opportunity. I have learned more this year—about myself, people, the business, traveling, life, etc—than I could have ever fathomed.

But what being a swing really taught me was to stop putting pressure on myself. Coming right out of college, it was so easy to get caught up in who was doing what, comparing myself to others, NEEDING a job, having to be successful, money worries, etc. I did not even enjoy those 5 months I lived in NY. They flew on by and I was stressed and focused on everything that was going wrong instead of enjoying the people around me and all the neat things NY has to offer. I have also always been such a perfectionist (since I was hmmm about 4 haha). Truth is… there is so such thing as perfection. And I know that is elementary school teaching “No one is perfect… except God” is something that bible school always taught me. ;-) But... that entire concept fully clicked in LB. You are always competing in college to be on top, be in the best classes, get in the musicals. While that’s great in school (for pushing and getting a better education), it sucks in real life. No good comes from it. So as a swing… I learned that sometimes ya just can’t have the “perfect” show. We all make mistakes, we live we learn, we crash, we burn. ☺

Whether you guys read this full blog or not, it has been such a fun thing to do: to blog! I have enjoyed connecting with you all and reading most of your own blogs. So nice to keep in touch even if we can’t connect directly. Thank you for reading, hearing, responding, and being such a big part of my Legally Blonde travels. Now onto the next adventure. I am hoping this time around, I can focus more on things the cities have to offer.

Big shout out to the non equity cast of Legally Blonde who started rehearsals on the 16th! Work it out, break legs, and enjoy!! : )

Big Hugs and Snaps!!
Some pics from the closing night when the swings got to come on for final bow : ) And yes... one of the boys dressed in drag. 

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