Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tumblin' Outta Bed...

Hey Friends!!!

So I am revamping the blog and starting with adventures in NY! I’ve been back in the city for about 3 weeks now and lots to update about.

First… rehearsals are going really well for 9 to 5. My body is getting used to these long hour days of rehearsals. So so tired… I really am tumbling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen every morning. Haha. But I love it and I absolutely LOVE my cast. We are just having so much fun. It’s a really neat experience to be apart of an original touring company. Everyone told me it would be completely different then coming in as a replacement. And it definitely is. Something about being able to create something and workshop stuff together… we become family right away. It has been such a cool experience.

It’s so funny too because Ven Daniel (our UPS guy on Legally Blonde) told me, “Ash, watch… your entire vocabulary is going to change.” And he could not be more right. “Totes” and “Fierce” has definitely not slipped out of my mouth as much. Haha. But I miss my Blondies a lot. Mike Isaacson (our producer of both Blonde and 9 to 5) gave a great speech at 9 to 5’s first rehearsal about how important it is to take care of each other on the road. Then he mentioned Blonde and how we were a great example of a great tour because we really were like a family and took good care of each other. So I feel truly blessed to have been apart of that. Check out a video of our first rehearsal.

Back to 9 to 5… We finished blocking and setting the entire show on Saturday. Now we just need to clean, get it in our bodies, and fix transitions and such. But it’s going to be a great show! I have learned so so much from watching my fellow actors. It has been so so so much fun. And the creative team is so wonderful. The site is up and running. So make sure you check the tour schedule to see if we come to a city near you!!

When I am not in rehearsals, I have really been enjoying visiting with friends. My sorority sisters (who now live in NY) and I have been exploring some great brunch places here in the city. One was LANSKYS on 71st and Columbus! Bottomless Cocktail Brunch included with entire brunch menu. Good price and yummy. Plus they bring you a huge loaf of FRESH banana bread when you first sit down. Dangerous. But so so good! It’s a Modern Jewish Deli with great charm and service. Loved it!
The place us girls went to today was Sarabeths on 81st and Amsterdam. A lot pricier than Lanskys… but so so good and so so cute. Very quaint. If you go… go really early. We had a 45 minute wait. But it was definitely worth it.

4 years ago, I went on a European Cruise and met some lovely new friends from England. We have stayed in contact through the years, and just so happens that one of the girls had a graduation trip to the states with her friends. AND they were in NY the first week I got back! So I took them to the Meatpacking District and we had amazing guacamole and Mexican Food at Dos Caminos. The fact that they had been eating Hard Rock Café and McDonalds was NOT okay. Dos Caminos is so so good! But I actually preferred Rosa Mexicano which is in Lincoln Square. My dad and I went there when he was in town for a few days. Both places are fabulous and on the pricey side. But my meal at Rosa Mexicano (veggie tacos) was one of the best meals I have ever had.

Now of course… the city has much more to offer than food. : ) I have really enjoyed taking pilates, reformer, and yoga class at Yogaworks outside of rehearsal. I bought a great package on and have been trying to take good advantage of it while I can. Besides that, my days consist of: Too much shopping, pampering, reading, walking, park time, loving my apartment, loving my roomies, missing my puppy (my parents are spoiling him in California for a bit), friend time, packing, and studying.
And that’s the NY saga! One week until Nashville! CRAZY!!!

Until next time…
*Currently Reading: The Hunger Games (I am on the 3rd book)… SO SO GOOD!!
*Currently Netflixing: Entourage Season 1… starting from the beginning
*Current Song on Repeat: “If it’s Love” by Train.
*Current Inspiration: Dolly Parton. Because of the show, I follow her on twitter and have been doing more research on her. She is such an amazing, inspiring, talented, brilliant, funny woman who definitely stays true to who she is. One of my favorite quotes of hers: "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." I just cannot wait to meet her!!
*Favorite new purchase: I bought a new camera!! Should be getting it via mail very soon. So more pics and videos to come!! Woohoo!

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